Material Options

Imprint Options


Material Options


Plain Swade Vinyl

Plain swade vinyl has a finely grained matte surface. It is the most cost effective vinyl material and is available in a variety of colours. It can be hot stamped and silk-screened only.


Print Vinyl (Taliano and Milano)

Black Taliano vinyl has a heavily textured finish. It is an elegant upgraded vinyl option but it is not recommended to hot stamp detailed imprints. Silk-screening is always recommended on this vinyl type. Milano vinyl has a two-toned, veined appearance for a distinct look.


Look of Luxury Expanded Vinyl (Castillian)

Castillian vinyl is soft, supple and lends the look of leather. It can be imprinted in a variety of methods: hot stamping, silk-screening, debossing, colour filled debossing, and embossing.


Look of Luxury Expanded Supported Vinyl (Diablo)

Diablo is a premium vinyl and has a finer leather look than Castillian and has a woven fabric backing which makes it extremely resilient to wear. It is commonly used for briefcases and portfolios.


Polyethylene (Opaque) and Polypropylene (Translucent)(Poly)

Poly is a durable and economical material. It is commonly used for binders or clipboards. It is available in a wide range of colours, and is resistant to cold weather cracking.


Case Made Material

Case Made products are hand made with a range of high quality materials such as leather, technical paper and technical linen.



Imprint Options


Hot Stamping

Hot Stamping is a method whereby a roll of foil is impressed by a magnesium and zinc alloy stamping die. Using a pneumatic press, the heated die is pressed onto the foil and thereby transferring the artwork. Recommended for simple, one colour imprints.


Stock foil colours



Silk-screening is used primarily for large imprints, multiple coloured imprints, imprints requiring Pantone matching, or imprints that contain fine details or halftones which cannot be replicated by hot stamping. Silk-screening uses inks to create an imprint.


Stock screening colours



Debossing or Embossing uses a thicker stamping die. Debossing is the process whereby the die is pressed directly onto the material and the imprint is hollow. Embossing is similar to debossing whereby the sorrounding negative space of the imprint is pressed creating a raised look of the actual imprint.



This is perfect for bags and some products such as Wentworth Collection. Digitization is required and price is based on stitch count. Imprint is stitching on fabric or Polyester material only.


Metal Plate Decal

A metal plate decal is an etched metal plate attached to the product. Only some products may be available for Decal imprints.



Entrapment is the process whereby a full colour printed sheet is entrapped using a overlaying clear sheet. Printed sheets are provided by our customers or printed by us from outside sources. Entrapment is popular in binder products.

Shown above is the HY0600 Mouse pad with entrapment.


  Hot Stamping Silk-Screening Deboss/Emboss Embroidery
Plain Swade Vinyl Yes Yes No No
Castillian Yes Yes Yes No
Diablo Yes Yes Yes No
Print Vinyl Yes Yes No No
Polyethylene Yes Yes No No
Leather No No Yes No
Technical Paper Yes Yes No No
Technical Linen Yes Yes No No
Fabric/Polyester No Yes No Yes

*Clear vinyl Yes Yes No No